Ungovernable Internet with Scuttlebutt

Imagine a world where we weren’t trapped by geographical tribalism and isolated from the brilliant work happening all over the world. These types of advances are some of the key structural elements to creating a truly radicalized globalism, solidarity, and meaningful empathy. We need tools like this to make the internet ungovernable and maximize the degrees of freedom each being can access and meaningfully sort.

Recovery and Radicalism

This is written in an attempt to point to a diverse range of experiences and thoughts from activists “in recovery” (whatever that means to the individual). We also hope that this can serve as a resource to other radicals, seeking or in recovery but confused by or facing difficulties in the process.

Love Letters to Queer Kinship

Anti-Capitalist Mutual-Aid and Solidarity: This project emerged organically from an email I sent to two friends and (current or past) lovers about the radical potential of Queer Kinship Networks. Consider this a snapshot into a depth of prior conversation. It’s an open source voyeurism into a private discussion in the vein of so many before it and before us. What follows are the mostly unedited correspondences exchanged.